March 16, 2013

:: A short moment of Earth Hour ::

As - Salam peeps..

Today there's a short moment of "earth hour" here in my place and by the word earth hour i'm sure you all know what I mean..its blackout just in case if u dont know ._. The thing is that the celebration is soo hilarious its just make my day even just for a short time..well i was kinda bored to death today with no idea what to do.. =_=
The moment the electricity went off all the people started screaming and first i see that as a normal thing but it continue on and sound like someone was quarreling. when my friend went to check the truth is they just act stupid by screaming and playing their torchlight..the scene was like giving a code message using light..can u imagine it..they were playing with the guys on another apartment area..haha..

Seeing this making me having a flashback of the moment where i was in high school..i was in form 3 i guess and it was the study week for form 3 and 5 who is taking big exam on that year. its a kinda hazy memory since it was like 7 years ago. it was night time and we all just hanging out in the dorm like we usually do and all of the sudden our senior that time started screaming towards the guys dormitory. im not sure whether there is a blackout or they shut all the light off but it was pitch black and only shimmer light was seen. same also with the guys dormitory. our dorm was just separated by a basketball court so it was close. then they started singing song back and forth and the song chosen was more like a song that hated each other. although we dont know why but our batch suddenly butt in..and i tell you it was kinda fun..haha..

well i guess thats it..haha..dunno why im using english but hey what the hell..ahaha so until next post..see ya!

January 01, 2013

:: 2013 : A New Chapter ::

As - Salam peeps..

How's your last day for the year 2012? any good things happen as a closure? any event? well for classmate and i went to our lecturer's house to celebrate new year..just a small event..having dinner with her and her family..well i can tell you that my 2012 end with full of stupid jokes and laughter..seriously..i just can't stop laughing..hahaha..

well..there are so much things going on in my life in the year 2012..and i guess half of it full with hatred and sadness..haha..frequent changes of emotion i tell u..well.. just hope that this so called new year 2013 can give much more happiness into my life..with my new resolution and with my lecturer makes me realized i need to plan from now what to do next after graduate..the competition is getting tough..for my course that is more towards professionalism is not an easy path..not as simple as getting only degree certificate..huhu..*unless if i just want to have a job and get just enough to pay for my expenses*..

anyway..just wanna wish my reader to have a very blissful year ahead..may GOD bless us in everyway..(^-^)

November 07, 2012

:: I MISS YOU ::

As - Salam Peeps..  =(

Have you heard the phrase 'tidur tak lena mandi tak basah makan tak kenyang'? well..eventually i experienced this for this past week..not the part about the bath though..

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your relationships sucks? no matter how hard you try..its just seem like somethings i trying too hard? or i'm just damn stupid for not realizing anything?
This past week has been a disaster week for concentration are divert away..i cant seem to get a proper sleep..didn't feel like eating..didn't feel like to enjoy much..all i do was thinking of him..i miss him damn so much..even my friends says that 'whats wrong with you?' and says that it was shown all over your face can i hide my emotion? even i put a fake smile, pretend that i'm happy..its still damn hurt inside..

Every night, every time i think of heart ache..its crying inside and eventually i cried too..i cried like EVERY SINGLE DAY.. i know i shouldn't be this way..i know..its pathetic..but i dont know what else to do..are we still together? have i done something so bad? if i do i think i've already apologizing..but why you still doing this to me? why did u torture me so you even care? do u even miss me?

somehow..i got the feelings of why some people do suicide because of love..i said this because i felt it kidding..all the pills, all the sharp things you can imagine seems sooooo tempting for you to even feel like drive your car 200km/h and then crash yourself hoping that you will get into an accident and see if he care..or maybe lost memory..pfft..i stupid is that? but yet that's what i feel now..and what make it explaination..i know im not in the place to complain but..its hurt deep inside when you dont have any explaination..people who isn't in your shoes will never know how you feel..

why do u need to be selfish and only think about your feeling without taking into consideration about mine? am i not important to u? why u need to take such drastic way..don't u even remember how i accompany u, patiently putting up with your attitudes when u feel exactly like i did now because of your past? why your ego is soo high? i wondered do u really love me? or u just playing with me? if u dont tell me the truth how am i suppose to know?? if you have something to tell me..pleasee..i'm begging you..tell am i suppose to know if u don't tell me anything? do you think i'm a psychic who can read minds? that's bullshit! but thinking back i do seem overly - attached to it was eventually my fault that he make me like this..

well dear YOU..if u are reading feeling not yet change..its still the same..don't ask me why i also dont know..maybe i forced u to much..i'll step back for a u time and space wishing that u might change ur mind..i'll wait as long as this little heart can stand..i miss you..i really do.. :'(

September 25, 2012

:: 23 Male Single ::

As - Salam peeps =3

Today's entry is about Jang Woyoung single's..Yup! One of the cutest member in 2PM..hehe..but still my most fav is JUNHO!! They said this single is to show his sexiest yet manly side of him *if im not mistaken* although i didn't really listen to the whole album but still my fav song is 'Be With You'..the first time I listen to this song i have completely fallen in love with it! and yes our woyoungi has sing it very well and its match it song concept too..and and guess what? the song was composed by JUNHO!! hee..this is his 3rd *maybe?* song that he composed himself *if im wrong please forgive me*..hehe..and the rest was not bad..still can attract my heart..let me give u the view of the album..=)

album cover

23, Male, Single

1. 2NITE
2. Sexy Lady
3. DJ GOT ME GOIN` CRAZY (Feat. Jun. K)
4. Be With You
5. Falling Down
6. 시작도 없던 것처럼[like there was no beginning]
7. Only Girl

Release Date: 2012.07.08

Be with you... =)

Hope you enjoy listening..;)

p/s : The pic and the video here is own by it respective owner. I do not own any of the information related.
        credit to the owner =) 

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