January 23, 2011


salam peeps...^^

wow..didn't realize its already 1AM..hehe..after surveying my friends blog..i found another cool contest..hehe..this time..is about the coolest black and white picture..hehehe..i REALLY REALLY REALLY love the combination of black and white..my fav!

want to join? click HERE..

hehe..back to the topic..this contest is also the same with other contest that u already seen..if u think it is an interesting contest and u feel like want to join in..why not CHECK it out? for this contest..i want to put 3 pics...hehehe..can bha kan..=)
at this time we have a DIA family day..at tg.aru beach..^^
this is when my besties and i went to take a walk at tg.lipat..

this is also at tg.aru beach..this is the guys..hehe

hehehe..cool is it? well..i didn't really think my chance of winning is high but i do hope i WIN..by the way the prize is RM100 cash *i think so*...so i do want to win..after all it is a contest right??

hurm..if i win..what i want to do with the prize money?? well..i think i'm gonna buy tons of comic books and goes shopping for new clothes and new shoes!! hehe..i am a shop-a-holic anyway..but i guess its better for me to save it first so i can use it later when i already broke..hehehe..

i think thats all..need to go to sleep now..and last but not least..5 ppl that i need to tagged..hurm..i think i tagged..

and whoever read this entry..^^

p/s : the contest will end on the 1st MARCH 2011..enjoy participating!


apisv2 said...


adila.chan said...

thnx~ ^^

siti fatimah said...

salam! hye..terima kasih sudi join.good luck :)

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