January 21, 2011

Diploma or Degree???

Salam peeps!

how are you today? i hope you have a great day for today...well my entry today is about my lecture day..my daily or weekly routine is just the same over and over again since starting this new semester..but today i felt like some sort of missing...aahh..the enthusiasm..at first i really really really didn't want to go to lecture today because of the weather which is so cold and nice to be on your bed, under your smooth curly blanket and went back to sleep..its such a perfect conditions to sleep..but unfortunately my class was at 8AM..

Enough of thats..lets go to main point..while we are in our accounting class *subject*...we all talk about the upcoming program every semester for part3 which is "penerapan ke ijazah"..its like going direct from a diploma to degree in UITM..we are talking whether we should take it or it is same range of time with finishing diploma first then take degree and so on..well our lecturer is our coordinator program which is AC110 (dip.in accountancy)..so we ask for her opinion and guidance..well..for me..i do want to apply for this but i was afraid i might cant put up with the subject..well obviously degree level is not the same with diploma~ although i shouldn't think that way because it will lower our faith or strength..

what make me still feel wobbly whether to apply or not is the rumours that said that this year UITM dip student will have 3sem...instead 1year 2 sem..oh my...and we only get TWO WEEKS of semester break!!what a crap u know..urghh...still this is not the real factor..for me is what kind / type of subject that i will facing later if i'm taking degree..

i guess until here then..i really felt sleepy already..well my class are full for today..i'm a little exausted already so until next time..adios~

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