June 21, 2011


As - Salam peeps..

EVERYBODY PUTS YOUR HANDS UP~!! Guess what?? 2PM 2ND ALBUM is already released~ ^^
waa..seems i haven't been writing for so long..gomenne =P
i have the ideas what to write but i feel sooooooo lazy to write..dunno why..but still i on9 24/7..=.="
anyway..the long awaited album of 2pm has been released yesterday morning..^0^
hehe..since when i'm into kpop? hehe..just recently and i'm sooooo into it..*not really la*
later i post about my journey to kpop okey?
i already downloaded all the tracks..if u want u can search it on google..or u can ask me the link..just pm me ok?
below here is the list of the track..oh yea..FYI..both JUNSU and JUNHO has contributed something in this new album..they have inserted together the song that they composed  which is "GIVE IT TO ME" - JUNHO & "HOT" - JUNSU..isn't they remarkable? i think the malaysian also need to try they hardest so that we can get noticed too by them..=)

01 Hands up
02 Electricity
03 Give It To Me
04 영화처럼 (Like in movie)
05 모르니 (Noticed)
06 Hot
07 Without U
08 I'll be back
09 I can't
10 Hands Up (East4A Mix)
11 Electricity (220v Remix)
12 Thank You
13 Don`t Stop Can`t Stop

P/S : can't wait for their album to reach malaysia..i want to buy it..;)

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