August 27, 2011


as - Salam..peeps =3

how's everyone doing? after i post about 2PM comeback i want to post up about my most favourite korean namja artist KIM HYUN JOONG comeback album 'Breakdown' you all may know he was the leader of korean idol group SS501..and now they are doing their own solo..some say they already disband but for me they are not..they just pursue for a solo career because of their contract already end..enough with the intro..i present KIM HYUN JOONG album breakdown..

This is his first solo mini this album there are 6 tracks which include 1 instrumental my point of view his solo album shows a various types of music..its shows that he is very capable in singing any type or genre of song that given to him..and its also show a different side of him in every song..for example 'breakdown' shows his masculine side, 'please' shows his mature side and 'kiss kiss' shows his cute and lovely side and the last one is 'yes i will' shows his funky side *regarding the song because there aren't shows any MV nor he sing the song live on stage yet*..this is the list of the tracks in his album..

01. Intro (Let me go)
02. Breakdown (feat. Double K)
03. 제발 (Please)
04. Kiss Kiss
05. Yes I Will
06. 제발 (Please) Inst.

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