January 29, 2011

= Home Sweet Home =

salam peeps!

hehe..actually i have arrived at my home yesterday evening..but since i'm so tired and lazy so i didn't updated my blog..well a lot have happen in this whole week for me..not to mention the case about modul kemahiran insaniah at my college..things that i've never expected..and so much more..

well..what is more obvious is that i've got ton of work to do..huhu..seems this semester will be a busy semester for me and my active moment into organizational and club since the last two semester i didn't join any club or organization..huhu..well there's nothing wrong by follow so many things right as long as i manage my time wisely..
hehe...well seems like i'm out of ideas what to talk about right now..so..lets just stop here..hehehe..well see ya soon!

January 23, 2011


salam peeps...^^

wow..didn't realize its already 1AM..hehe..after surveying my friends blog..i found another cool contest..hehe..this time..is about the coolest black and white picture..hehehe..i REALLY REALLY REALLY love the combination of black and white..my fav!

want to join? click HERE..

hehe..back to the topic..this contest is also the same with other contest that u already seen..if u think it is an interesting contest and u feel like want to join in..why not CHECK it out? for this contest..i want to put 3 pics...hehehe..can bha kan..=)
at this time we have a DIA family day..at tg.aru beach..^^
this is when my besties and i went to take a walk at tg.lipat..

this is also at tg.aru beach..this is the guys..hehe

hehehe..cool is it? well..i didn't really think my chance of winning is high but i do hope i WIN..by the way the prize is RM100 cash *i think so*...so i do want to win..after all it is a contest right??

hurm..if i win..what i want to do with the prize money?? well..i think i'm gonna buy tons of comic books and goes shopping for new clothes and new shoes!! hehe..i am a shop-a-holic anyway..but i guess its better for me to save it first so i can use it later when i already broke..hehehe..

i think thats all..need to go to sleep now..and last but not least..5 ppl that i need to tagged..hurm..i think i tagged..

and whoever read this entry..^^

p/s : the contest will end on the 1st MARCH 2011..enjoy participating!


salam peeps~

today cik nadia want to talk about a contest that cik nadia participate..hahahaa..
i've been looking and seeing all the contest but didn't really want to join..but look like this time i feel really interested with this contest..well there's nothing wrong by joining in right?hehehe..so i want to put 3pics for this contest if its okey..hehehe..

want to participate? click this picture..hehehe

the first pics

2nd pics..

and the third pics..kekeke

well..i didn't really hope i will win..and i also hope the owner approve i put 3pics in the running for this contest..if u dun mind la..kekeke..then..3 person i wanna tag is AYOI, RANG and GIB..hehehe ^^
do join in if u are interested..=)

p/s : the contest end on the 25th MARCH 2011..^^

January 22, 2011



At this hour..i want to make a special entry for one of my BEST FRIENDS FOREVER..MISS NUR LIYANA HAZWANEE..why is it special?? because today is her birthday!! congratulations my love~
I hope you have a marvellous celebration today with all your friends there at sarawak..although we can't celebrate it together but at least we still remember each other right? kekekekke..

by the way..it is her 20th birthday now..man..how fast the time goes by..after been through a lot and now already 20?? its seem only yesterday that we were still on the bench at SMESH talking and laughing each night after prep class..how i miss those dayss..T^T...miss u babe~

well anyway..this is my prayers and wish for u..:
# may GOD bless u always
# pnjg umur and murah rezeki
# be more matured (kekekeke...=P)
#hope our friendship last forever~

last but not least.....I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH , DEAR~~ ^^

hehe...sorry aku cilok jap gmbr fb ko..=P

January 21, 2011

Diploma or Degree???

Salam peeps!

how are you today? i hope you have a great day for today...well my entry today is about my lecture day..my daily or weekly routine is just the same over and over again since starting this new semester..but today i felt like some sort of missing...aahh..the enthusiasm..at first i really really really didn't want to go to lecture today because of the weather which is so cold and nice to be on your bed, under your smooth curly blanket and went back to sleep..its such a perfect conditions to sleep..but unfortunately my class was at 8AM..

Enough of thats..lets go to main point..while we are in our accounting class *subject*...we all talk about the upcoming program every semester for part3 which is "penerapan ke ijazah"..its like going direct from a diploma to degree in UITM..we are talking whether we should take it or it is same range of time with finishing diploma first then take degree and so on..well our lecturer is our coordinator program which is AC110 (dip.in accountancy)..so we ask for her opinion and guidance..well..for me..i do want to apply for this but i was afraid i might cant put up with the subject..well obviously degree level is not the same with diploma~ although i shouldn't think that way because it will lower our faith or strength..

what make me still feel wobbly whether to apply or not is the rumours that said that this year UITM dip student will have 3sem...instead 1year 2 sem..oh my...and we only get TWO WEEKS of semester break!!what a crap u know..urghh...still this is not the real factor..for me is what kind / type of subject that i will facing later if i'm taking degree..

i guess until here then..i really felt sleepy already..well my class are full for today..i'm a little exausted already so until next time..adios~

January 19, 2011

# another brand new ADIDAS shoes #

salam peeps...^0^

Post aku kali nie tntg my new ADIDAS shoes!! hoho.. ^0^...

eleh..setakat kasut apa lah sgt..tue pun mo kecoh..hahaha..so what? suka ati la kan..yg pntg aku dpt kasut baru..asyik2 beli sandel, beli wages, beli heels..baik kita tukar selera kjp bli sneakers..kan..kan..kan..actually lama sdh aku menanti kasut nie..ahaha..mo tau knapa aku hapy sakan? sbb kasut nie my abg ipar to be yg beli kan..hehehe..akhirnya kata nya di kota..ahaha..
mula2 cari mna yg berkenan tue mmg susah sbb byk sport nye shoes jak..then..1 mlm tue..aku p la 1B survey2..duit pun sdh kena bg cash..jd melilau la mata ku mencari yg perfect..then start aku masuk kedai tue lg mata ku tertumpu pd kasut nie..gila mmg cantik la bg aku..nmpk smart... kombinasi kaler pun best..ada la jgk nmpk ala2 converse tp skit jak la..huhu..tp skali mata ku terpandang..mmg direct trus terpahat di hati aku..yg kasut len trus nmpk bida nie bha..ahahaha..apalagi then trus angkut la..kekeke..later2 mo beli lagi sneakers la..keke..

*aku suka kotak dy ma bakul kertas tue*

*hehe..pandai kn aku kc model nie kasut..wakaka*

*naaa~cantikkan nie kasut..ee..suka nya aku..hehehe*

the danger of ur mind

baru2 nie aku ada pg tgk wyg d growball...cerita thailand tajuk haunted room..
crita nie kn x la bgtu menakutkan tp sound effect dy btul2 mendebarkn jantung org..
tp pengajaran dlm crita nie kn..dy bgtau kita tntg kuasa minda..

mcm mn minda kita nie..bleh wat sesorg tue mati secara tiba2..bleh wat seseorang tue kurg waras..smua nya dtg dr minda kita..itu lah betapa besarnya kuasa tuhan yg menciptakan dan mengurniakan minda kpd kita...minda kita nie kdg2 boleh beri kita kejayaan tp dr minda jgk boleh bw musibah kepada kita..dulu cikgu aku ada bg satu cerita tntg kehebatan dan dahsyat nya kuasa minda nie..

beberapa ahli scientist atau researcher la kali kn..aku pn nda ingat sudah sepa..tp dorg ingin membuktikan mcm mn minda boleh mempengaruhi diri kita serta menentukan nasib kita...
dorg jln kn satu experiment sma seorg banduan..dorg ikat banduan tue d kerusi..pastue dorg tutup mata dy pakai kain..pastue pengawal tue ambil satu objek yg nda tajam..aku pun nda ingat sdh objek apa..then dy letak objek tue d pergelangan tgn banduan tue...pastue dy tekan then dy tarik mcm hiris pergelangan tgn org tue..(mcm org slalu buat mau bunuh diri tue..)..

pastue..polis tue bukak paip air..dy kc biar air menitis pelan2..mcm titisan darah yg jatuh pi lantai..jd banduan nie pun panic la bha..nda lama lepas tue..banduan tue mati..ini sebab banduan tue fikir dy betul2 mati..jd dy pun mati la..

bru2 nie pun ada lecturer aku kc crita...ada org nie dy nek tren..nie berlaku d luar negara la..tren tue tren jenis yg jarak jauh bha..pastue tren nie ada gerabak chiller yg simpan brg2 basahan penumpang la kiranya..org nie pi la jln2 menjelajah tren tue..smpi la di chiller tue..ngam2 tym tue.. tren tue bergerak..jd scra automatic..bila tren tue bergerak..pintu chiller tue automatic tertutup...nda dpt bukak sudah..jd org tue pun panic la..kn tue chiller jd dy pun berfikir.."mati la ak..perjalannan nie dh la amik masa 3jam..nnt chiller nie mesti la makin sejuk..mati kesejukan la akU nie"..jd org tue pun terus berfikir dan berfikir yg chiller tue akan jadi semakin sejuk dn dy akan mati..lama2 dy rasa chiller tue makin sejuk dan semakin sejuk..

bila smpi jak d destinasi..pekerja tren tue pun bukak chiller tue..trus dy nmpk org td tue..mati sudah dlm chiller tue..tp yg nostalgicnya..alat penyejuk chiller tue rosak..jd spnjg perjlnn chiller tue nda sejuk pun..so ini sudah cukup membuktikan mcm kuasa minda kita nie boleh mengawal diri kita..

jadi dari sini kita boleh tau yg dgn minda kita..apa2 pun kita boleh buat..andai kita tetapkn mnda kita pada sesuatu benda..kita akan mendapat hasil yg kita inginkn..contohnya jika kita anggap diri kita bodoh..lama2 kita betul2 akan jd bodoh..tetapi bila kita anggap diri kita bijak..kita akan jadi bijak..itu lah kekuatan minda kita..oleh tue..jgn la kita sia2kn anugerah kurniaan tuhan yg tlh diberikan oleh-NYA..tp gunakanlah ia ke arah kebaikan bukan kejahatan..^^

p/s : this one also an imported post from my previous blog..original date 20/04/2010

Potrait ibu dan anak

Salam peeps..^^

*alala..comelnyer nashie kimi nie..*

haha..aku suke giler2 ngan pic nie dowh *trip org semenanjung jap* hehehe...haa~ cute tak pic nie? cute kan..kan..kan? hahaha..aku tau ar aku cute..takyah ar mention ag..hahaha *perasan jap =P* tp yg mmg aku geram sgt2 gmbr bdk nie la..ahahahaha..cute sesgt..tmbh lg dgn gaya nya yg mengajuk aku menongkat kepala..hahaha..tmbh terserlah ar lg ke-cute-an dy..hehehe..

ah? sape budak nie? anak aku ker? hahaha..korg rase? haha..mmg pown..anak aku ar nie..
haa? aku tipu? btul la..anak aku ar nie..oppsss..bukan anak kandung..tp ANAK BUAH..ahahaha..*sejak biler lak aku dh kawin kan..* hehehe...anak buah aku nie name dier nashry (aku rase gtu ar kot ejaan nyer)..umo dier bru 2thun..hehe

mcm mne leh dpt pic nie? *tak tau ar klu korg tnye ke x..tp aku gtau jer la* mula2 tue..aku amik pic nashie solo2..then kakak dier sibuk nk men camera aku so aku bg jer la..jnji x jatuh..huhu..then kakak dy ; nashrah a.k.a nasya ..pun g ar amik2 gmbr..then time tue dy suruh kitorg posing ar..aku tym tue malas nk lyn kerenah dier so aku ikut jer ar..nasya nie aktif skit..xleh duduk diam..dh tue mmg nashie nie duk men i-phone kt sblh aku *jgn men2 beb..dak2 skrg cggh kowt..pandai men i-phone ag..aku i-phone pun takder huhu..=( *..aku suruh ar dy posing..xlah aku sedar dier ajuk aku..ahaha..skali aku tengok balik gmbr nie...cantik plak..so aku edit2 la skit bg nmpk cntik lg skit..hehe.. jd ini lah hasil yg aku edit..haha..cantik x? cam potrait ibu dan anak lak aku tengok *bg aku ar* ... hahaha..nie gerenti biler besar nnt jd dak hensem kan..hehe..

p/s : klu korg rase pic nie cute and nmpk cam yg aku katakan..komen2 le yer..^-^
p/ss : again..original post 25/12/2010..another imported one..=)

January 18, 2011

OST Sweet Rain (accuracy of death)

salam peeps...^^

aku baru jak abis tonton muvie sweet rain a.k.a accuracy of death..muvie nie tntg shinigami (malaikat maut) atau jg dikenali sbg grim reaper..bg aku crita nie nda la best mna pun besa2 jak la..tp still dpt wat aku ketawa la..ahahaha..at least nda la masuk dlm rate boring..ahaha..lagu nie ost dlm muvie nie..first time aku dgr mmg best gila la lagu nie..tmbh lg penuh bermakna seh lagu nie..jd saja la mo share ma korg suma..enjoy da song k? =)

p/s : lagu nie sesuai utk org yg rasa mcm nk give up atau rasa dah putus hrpn and seangkatan dgnnya..sbb lagu nie menyatakan wlupun hidup kita susah atau x sebahagia org len..kita masih punya hari esok dan kehidupan kita pasti akan menjadi bertmbh baik sekiranya kita terus berusaha *ini pendapat aku la* ^-^

KAZUE FUJIKI ~ Sunny day

koboreochita no wa
namida jyanaku inoru koe
miagete ita no wa
kumo no ue no taiyou

nemuru youni ikite ita
itsumo kodoku datta
kimi ni deau sono hi made wa
zutto zutto koko de

hitori demo utaeru
ai no uta ga aru toshite mo
hitori de wa sagasenai
ryoute ni fureta kono nukumori

kamen wo matoeba
wasurerareru kigashiteta
kioku wo shimatta
hako ni kagi wo kakete

anna kurai basho de sae
kimi wo mitsukedaseta
modoru koto ga dekinakute mo
motto motto tooku

hitorikiri oboeta
ai no uta ga aru toshite mo
hitori de wa todokanai
doa no mukou de matsu ashita e

koko kara mou ichido arukidasu
with you...

kanashimi wo yasashisa ni
kaete miseru kara
itsuka wa kanarazu
hontou no jibun wo yurusetara
itami mo kieteku

hitori demo utaeru
ai no uta wa mou iranai
hitori de wa sagasenai
hidamari no youna kono nukumori
kimi to nara sagaseru
mita koto no nai ashita wo


What spilled out
Wasn’t a tear but a praying voice
What I looked up at
Was the sun above the clouds

I was living like I was asleep
I was always alone
Until the day I met you
I was always, always here

Even if there’s a love song
I could sing by myself
This warmth from the touch of your arms
Can’t be found alone

If I had put on a mask
Then I felt I might have forgotten
I shut away my memories
And locked them in a box

Even in that dark place
I was able to find you
Even if I can’t return
I’ll keep going farther, farther

Even if there’s a love song
That recalls loneliness
I can’t reach it alone
So I’ll walk out once more
Toward the door to tomorrow
With you…

I’ll transform sadness
Into kindness
And someday
Once I’ve set my true self free
The pain will disappear
I know it

I don’t need a love song
I can sing by myself anymore
I can’t find it alone
But with you I know
We can find a place where the sun shines
A tomorrow I’ve never seen

p/s : original date 23/12/2010
p/s s : this is my imported post..kekeke


salam peeps..^^

terima kasih la kepada sahabat ku nana kerana memberikan aku idea utk topic pada hari ini melalui POST beliau..hahaha..topic arie nie betul2 wat aku tersenyum setiap kali aku teringat kn ayat nie..ahahaha...mst korg tertnya - tnya kan apa mkna di sebalik ayat nie? *klu budak2 sk. tg. aru 1 xyah ckp ar..* actually ayat nie merupakan salah satu ayat yg membawa seribu kenangan kat aku..

klu korg nk tau ayat nie merupakan ayat paling last keluar dr mulut aku time bergaduh sma c 'dia' *nama xyah mention la..privacy..hehehe* sejarah kami bermula time darjah 5..ahaha..aku ingt lagi mcm mn tggi nya rasa benci aku sma dy tym tue..sbb dy nie kuat tul mengejek org..ntah knpa la aku jd mgsa dy time tue..smgt abesss dia mengejek aku..

then time darjah 6 bru la tetiba start rasa len bila slalu gaduh ma dia..bak kata org 'benci lama2 suka'..mmg betul la jgk pepatah tue sbb aku sndiri mengalami nya kan..ntah mcm mn la aku bleyh suka ma dia nie..tp aku cover2 jak..nda mau dy tau sbb malu..jd kami teruskan jak la dgn sikap kami yg slalu cari gaduh..huhu..

haha.. 1 day tue ada la genk kami yg mmg tau sal aku suka ma dy tue..dorg ckp yg kononnya dy pun suka sma aku..ahaha..mula2 aku nda percaya trus ntah mcm mn la aku bleyh ckp ma dorg yg klu dy betul2 suka aku..suruh dy tulis surat ma aku..wakakakakaka...lucu seh..sbb aku ingatkn dorg men2 jak..huhu..nda lama lepas tue kan..tiba2 aku dpt surat dr dorg..dorg ckp nie surat dr c 'dia'..aku mmg nda percya..dorg ckp mmg btul2 dr dy..tulisan dy nie..then aku amik jak la surat tue...aku baca surat tue tym sek agama..haha..isi surat tue takyah la tau ek..* i wonder whether surat tue still ada lae ka x..* =P

tp yg pasti isi dlm surat tue mmg ckp sal dy suka aku la..haha..mmg aku nda percaya abiss la dy suka sma aku..aku still nda puas hati...then lepas tue..aku bndgkn la surat tue dgn tulisan 'dia'..mmg sama..jd dh terbukti la kan..nk cover mcm mn lg..since that day..kami terus nda berckp antara satu sma len..gila la..ngam2 lae time tue mo upsr sdh..hahaha..mmg lucu gila la..trus diam nie..nda lae bergaduh2 suma..dorg yg len apa lg trus sakat la..phm2 la kn budak2..tym tue mmg la cpt berita tersebar..ahaha..

yg paling memalukan time majlis anugerah cemerlang..tym tue kami kena bg la penghargaan sma sijil sbb jd murid cemerlang upsr kan..time tue duduk secara row by row la..time tue ada sorg kwn aku nie jd penghalang antara aku sma 'dia' jd nda boleh la duduk sebelah2..ahahaha...jd dorg apalgi trus sakat bkn men lagi..mmg memalukan dan melucukan bila teringat balik..adeh..kenangan time kecik2...ahaha..

yg ironi nya *aku rasala* kami mmg kapel la tym tue..and yg mmg telah di jangka..kami masuk sekolah yg sma..hehehe...tttteeetttt..ups terbongkar..haha..mmg happy la jgk time tue..tp yg spoiler nya kan..time orientasi ada la sorg kwn aku yg sma sekolah ngan aku time sekolah rendah nie..dgn baik hati nya dy bgtau para senior tue yg c 'dia' bf aku..time tue aku bdk skema..takut ma senior..jd bila bdk tue ckp gtu aku trus ter'set' kan minda aku 'nda bleh jd nie..break la'...jd kami pun break la..huhu..mmg menyesal la aku bila buat gtu..tp bnda dh jd kan..mo wat mcm mn..hahahaha..and now..we are still friends..he is a great guy in my opinion la..hehe..^-^

p/s : i dun know whether its just a cinta monyet or what..but still he's da first that i have true feelings with..=P
p/ss : again..original post 23/12/2010..another imported one..hehe

January 17, 2011


salam peeps...

hehe..this is my fourth blog i think..and the third blog on blogspot..(the other one is tumblr) weeee~
well..why do so many? because..the first was a failure..and i was SOO LAZY at that time then i decide to deleted my blog..huhu..the second one was my previous one..that u all (if u are my follower) followed before this..why i deleted it? i have no feeling with that blog..pffttt..myb u felt that i wasn't so serious about blogging..so who cares what u think..its my blog..and who cares if i'm updating or not..again..its MY BLOG..u have to consider my life as a student and what i do..and not everyday u have some stories to share..so do understand the circumstances..=P

just want to leave a note for u guys..if u are interested with my life..then follow my blog..if not..then u can move forward please..until then..enjoy my NEW BLOG

p/s : although i said all of this stuff..i will try to update my blog 2 or 3 times a week, ^-^
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