September 25, 2012

:: 23 Male Single ::

As - Salam peeps =3

Today's entry is about Jang Woyoung single's..Yup! One of the cutest member in 2PM..hehe..but still my most fav is JUNHO!! They said this single is to show his sexiest yet manly side of him *if im not mistaken* although i didn't really listen to the whole album but still my fav song is 'Be With You'..the first time I listen to this song i have completely fallen in love with it! and yes our woyoungi has sing it very well and its match it song concept too..and and guess what? the song was composed by JUNHO!! hee..this is his 3rd *maybe?* song that he composed himself *if im wrong please forgive me*..hehe..and the rest was not bad..still can attract my heart..let me give u the view of the album..=)

album cover

23, Male, Single

1. 2NITE
2. Sexy Lady
3. DJ GOT ME GOIN` CRAZY (Feat. Jun. K)
4. Be With You
5. Falling Down
6. 시작도 없던 것처럼[like there was no beginning]
7. Only Girl

Release Date: 2012.07.08

Be with you... =)

Hope you enjoy listening..;)

p/s : The pic and the video here is own by it respective owner. I do not own any of the information related.
        credit to the owner =) 

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