September 18, 2012

:: Beware of Hackers ::

Salam peeps..=3

hehe..lately i frequently update my blog..since i know that i will be a bit busy after this..heh heh heh..
well my topic today is HACKERS...well not really much to say just want to share my experience being hack..but it was just some amateur i guess*plus its was my fault also =.="*

well as u know im only on9 using my own lappy and as usual i will always tick the box where it say ''always stay logged in or so"..and then one day i forgot to pay my broadband and it was cut off so i have to use public wifi*which at that time i use starbucks wifi*..and so i keep on on9 from morning until evening*owh..i was at my mom's cafe at that time* and when we pack to go back home i forgot to sign out *which is my fb* and just shut down my lappy..well i never have thought that ppl are interested to hack or see my fb or wat...

by the time i got home..i switched back on my lappy and BAM! there's a status post by the 'hacker'..i dont quite remember but yeah he did..and so my fren chat with me asking me all that when suddenly he interupt our conversation and well yeah he was online on that time also using my FB account! oh gosh.. so i got a lil chat with him asking him to stop and forget about my fb..the thing that is absurd was he confess his feeling towards me while i dont even know who the hell is he..=.=" scary huh..he said he knows me but i dont know him..*euwwww..stalker!* and after a long talk with him and stuff he finally said that he's sorry and will not disturb me again..of course after that i change my email and pass and all stuff..

well he told me that the reason i got hacked was just simply because i didnt sign out properly from using the public wifi..well it does make sense since it was unprotected hope u guys be careful since all ur pics are there*in social networks of course* dont do the same mistake with me..

and here are some cuts i got from my fren about their little chat..its a long story ago by the way just rememberred and feel to post it today *since i was such a lazy person back then to updated my blog...hahaha XD*

1 comment:

Farihah said...

O.O scary!
I'm gonna be *extra* careful the next time I use free wifi.

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