September 19, 2012

:: Inspiring Quote ::

Salam peeps..=)

Recently i just finished watching "Atashinchi no Danshi", a japanese was my second or third time watching it i guess *can't quite remember* but it was an interesting stories..i love it!

Its about a family called 'Ohkura family'..the stories quite complicated but easy to understand..but i cant really explain it here because it has too much twist..hahaha..but this story taught so many values especially for family..even you are not really blood-related it doesn't mean you cant act as a family..

there are a lot of inspiring quote in this drama but the one that hit me most at this time is this:

"pretending you know someone else and not saying anything is much worse"

i've got quite a lot of drama happening in my life throughout my friendship-hood..starting at my secondary school life until my university life..actually i'm not a negative person..i always been a positive person..never really care about others that might not like me as long as im with my bestfriend which is also the crazy type like me..i dont really like to be alone..never let me be lonely as i tend to feel paranoid with my surroundings and feel like everybody talk abt me..thats how important a friend to me*well certain friend of course which the same crazy type as me :D*

so this sentence have a deep meaning *depends on how u see it*..for example in term of friends or people..we tend to think like 'oh, she's usually like that' , 'she like to be alone', 'he have an angry face must be a samseng' and so on *this is some of the example which i usually heard* but we didn't really know her/him very well..just because we always see people with the same criteria so we assume he/she was the same..but then i thought that this kind of thinking is wrong *thats why first impression is also important*..however people tend to misunderstand others..some of people like to hide their trueself and shows others/public what they want to show or what people expect her to be..for example the person look so neat or maybe nerdy, and innocent so ppl will assume that the person was like ____ & ____ *just fill the blanks with your own opinion* but in reality the person was so hilarious and crazy *get what i mean?*

so when we saw people like a bit easy going for example like to hangout with guys/girls, like to go out at night partying and others..we assume that the person was wild or any term u called it..but sometime they are just that..nothing more nothing less or any negativity.. another example..when they are new student in class and he/she like just keep quiet and sit alone with no expression or sign want to know each other..we assume he/she is arrogant la, scary la and stuff but who knows mybe she just shy or doesn't know how to express themself and they want we to make the first step*this is just a general and normal example*..if there's something wrong or you think they shouldnt do that or to them maybe they didnt meant or realize what they do is wrong..dont assume..assumption is the major thing that can lead to misunderstanding...

im not really good in explaining my point or my opinion but i hope u guys get what im trying to say here..dont make judgement abt people soo fast without getting know with them a lil closer..take the first step..if he/she didn't want to accept it or reject our kindness then dont spread rumors or bad things abt them..just let it be and move on..

p/s : this is as a reminder for me too since lately i like to think bad abt people and its not good..very not good..(-_-) so im trying to improve myself to be a better person and not think bad to others and just be kind to all..(^-^)

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