September 15, 2012

:: Start of a New Semester + Real Bachelor Journey ::

Salam Peeps.. =3

Its a whole brand new of a semester..looking at the title..what do i mean by "REAL Bachelor Journey"..well as some of u might not know it, for my course *which is accountancy* in diploma we only got 6 semester and when u want to pursue to bachelor you will enter in the fourth semester *which is where i'm in now*.. for us is not really easy to making it into bachelor in accountancy from diploma since some of the uni required cgpa 3.5 and above to qualify..lucky me my uni offer a 'penerapan' system where i can jump to bachelor when im finishing my 3rd semester in diploma *with a good result of course*..

So for the last two semester its just learning back things in diploma where i didnt manage to take as i have jump one level up right..and trust me it wasnt they combine all the subject in this 2 semester *subject for 3 semester only learnt in 2semester* especially financial accounting subject..where the topic should be learn in 3 semester we only learn it in 1 semester *can guess how hard it is?*

And now here i am on the fourth semester..and here we are with the new student coming in and guess what? this semester we got 54 students!! O.O! of course there will be split into 2 groups*there's no way i can learn in a class that have way to many students..=.=*..its good to make new friends but sometimes we just love the way its already are since we are already familiarize with the atmosphere and surrounding but im sure it will be just fine along the way..but seriously this sem is all about FACT and THEORY but thank GOD all the lecturer are awesome!

And so, i hope this semester i can do much more better *as my pointer seems to be declining*..guess there is a lot of works to do..there's no turning back now..Ganbatte ne nadia chan! >.<

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