January 01, 2013

:: 2013 : A New Chapter ::

As - Salam peeps..

How's your last day for the year 2012? any good things happen as a closure? any event? well for me..my classmate and i went to our lecturer's house to celebrate new year..just a small event..having dinner with her and her family..well i can tell you that my 2012 end with full of stupid jokes and laughter..seriously..i just can't stop laughing..hahaha..

well..there are so much things going on in my life in the year 2012..and i guess half of it full with hatred and sadness..haha..frequent changes of emotion i tell u..well.. just hope that this so called new year 2013 can give much more happiness into my life..with my new resolution and all..hangout with my lecturer makes me realized i need to plan from now what to do next after graduate..the competition is getting tough..for my course that is more towards professionalism is not an easy path..not as simple as getting only degree certificate..huhu..*unless if i just want to have a job and get just enough to pay for my expenses*..

anyway..just wanna wish my reader to have a very blissful year ahead..may GOD bless us in everyway..(^-^)

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