March 16, 2013

:: A short moment of Earth Hour ::

As - Salam peeps..

Today there's a short moment of "earth hour" here in my place and by the word earth hour i'm sure you all know what I mean..its blackout just in case if u dont know ._. The thing is that the celebration is soo hilarious its just make my day even just for a short time..well i was kinda bored to death today with no idea what to do.. =_=
The moment the electricity went off all the people started screaming and first i see that as a normal thing but it continue on and sound like someone was quarreling. when my friend went to check the truth is they just act stupid by screaming and playing their torchlight..the scene was like giving a code message using light..can u imagine it..they were playing with the guys on another apartment area..haha..

Seeing this making me having a flashback of the moment where i was in high school..i was in form 3 i guess and it was the study week for form 3 and 5 who is taking big exam on that year. its a kinda hazy memory since it was like 7 years ago. it was night time and we all just hanging out in the dorm like we usually do and all of the sudden our senior that time started screaming towards the guys dormitory. im not sure whether there is a blackout or they shut all the light off but it was pitch black and only shimmer light was seen. same also with the guys dormitory. our dorm was just separated by a basketball court so it was close. then they started singing song back and forth and the song chosen was more like a song that hated each other. although we dont know why but our batch suddenly butt in..and i tell you it was kinda fun..haha..

well i guess thats it..haha..dunno why im using english but hey what the hell..ahaha so until next post..see ya!

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